Why iPhones are better than other Androids?

The features which had made iPhone better than Android.

User Experience:

iPhones are known for their user-friendly interface and seamless integration with Apple’s other products, making it a popular choice for those looking for a hassle-free and intuitive device.


The apple pay feature makes it easier for people to make payments for goods and services with their iPhone in retail stores. Google Pay is not yet available in many countries in this situation Apple pay lets users make one-tap purchases within apps that have adopted the Apple pay API, and it is available on the web on device running iOS 10 or MacOS Sierra or newer.

Sharing Feature:

iPhone has Family sharing feature which is designed to make it easier for a family to share content, purchase and storage. for example, shared music, film or app purchases and share photo albums, calendars and reminders and more.


iOS is more efficient than android especially while handling memory. For example, an iPhone 6 which has just 1GB of RAM can easily outperform an android phone with 3GB of RAM because of the fundamental difference between the designs of the two operating systems.


Apple has worked on security for general consumers, most notably with Touch ID and Face ID in the iPhone. So iPhones are getting more secure compare to androids.

Android phones get malware and viruses particularly from app stores. Apple is very careful with selecting which app developers gain access to the so-called Apple ecosystem – a network of devices, apps and developers.


The apple’s ecosystem, combined with an iPhone, devices like the Mac, Air Pods, iPad, Apple Watch, Home Pods, and Apple TV, offer some kind of useful integration that makes certain things seamless and easy. So far, no other company or ecosystem has come close to the easy and smooth integration between Apple’s home-built devices.


With the evolving technology it has placed a handheld gaming device in our smartphone. iOS revolutionized the gaming industry, dethroning PlayStations and 3D. With Apple hardware and software integration, it is possible for Apple Arcade to introduce games with graphics that mimic a PlayStation.


When you have an iPhone you can use CarPlay. Compared to Android Auto, CarPlay has neatly arranged icons and you can move them around to prioritize your favorite app for easy access. Although some things have moved around, it works like iOS on a phone or a tablet and the experience is much more strategic. And with assistance from Siri, Apple CarPlay is better looking, simple to use and more functional.

No bloatware:

No matter how you purchase your iPhone, where you purchase it from or what iPhone you purchase, you won’t find any bloatware preinstalled when you boot it up for the first time. That means it’s clean from the very start, without unsolicited power- or data-siphoning apps sabotaging things behind the scenes.

Conclusion: Apple’s iPhone boasts a sleek, minimalist design and an ecosystem that is tightly integrated and easy to use. Everything from the hardware to the software is crafted with care and attention to detail, making for a seamless user experience. Additionally, iPhones are known for their robust security features, which can provide peace of mind for users who store sensitive information on their devices.

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