How much water do you typically drink? How much should you drink?

Our body is made about 60% of water. So, it has a very important role in our body. It helps carry nutrients to our cells, digest foods, cushions our joints etc. lack of water cause of dehydration which symptoms are dizziness or light-headedness, tiredness headache, dry mouth, lips and eye, loss of strength and stamina, confusion.

We should get enough drinking water per every day because Our body continuously loses water through sweat, urine, stool and other way like tears etc.

But the question is how much?

How much water needs your body will depend on various factor such as your health condition, your diet, how much exercise you do, external environment (weather or climate). Beside all of these, age, sex, height, weight are also affect for drinking water.

Most of the studies and researches recommend about 2.5 litters or 3.5 litters is enough par a day for normal people. However, it is considered better 2.7 litters for women and 3.7 litters for men. This includes fluids from water, beverages like teas and juice, and from food. You get an average of 20 percent of your water from the foods you eat. People usually say 8×8 rule which is 8-ounce glasses and it’s easy to remember.

Advantages of drinking water:

•        It helps to keep a normal temperature.

•        It helps to gets rid of wastes through urination, perspiration and bowel movements.

•        It helps to Lubricate and cushion joints.

•        It helps to protects your spinal cord and other sensitive tissues.

When should you drink more water?

1.       When you are playing sport or doing exercise your body really need more water to cover the fluid loss.

2.       Where you are in hot weather you need to drink more water because it’s generate sweat in our body.

3.       When you have a fever, vomiting or diarrhoea, it helps to cover the fluid loss.

4.       If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, you may need additional fluids to stay hydrated.

Is that any problem if I drink too much water?

When you drink too much water, your kidneys can’t get rid of the excess water. The sodium content of your blood becomes diluted. This is called hyponatremia and it can be life-threatening. However, athletes occasionally may drink too much water in an attempt to prevent dehydration during long or intense exercise.

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